Live Candidate Search Every Monday

Live Candidate Search Every Monday
An Exclusive Training pRogram FOr Staffing firms.

Build the next generation of Recruiters...


Are your recruiters struggling?

If you're doing pretty good, stop here.

If your staff  just needs some tweaks, or another free tool - there are many places you can go to get your fix. 


Activity equals Results

We believe this. We have to. All the training in the world does nothing if the recruiter doesn't have the grit to just get out there and work. 

You want to help but you can't train work ethic. Have you said this? Of course you have. We all have. That's how we survived.

Sink or Swim

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't get that kid on the phone.

Let me suggest something crazy. You can do better. 

The Sourcing Worklab is a live candidate search community that will develop your team into the best recruiters in the world.

If you can imagine being the best - we can show you how

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How it Works

The Sourcing Worklab is an exclusive monthly subscription composed of no more than 200 agency and independent recruiters. Each week, members send in open positions they are working on.   

Every Monday, from 1-2:30 pm CST, these two lovely people you see pictured below tackle these searches live.
That’s right - we’re going on the hot seat and putting our reputation on the line to make sure you get the freshest, most relevant training in the industry.


Your Host:
Lacey Denton


Your Speaker:
Jim Durbin


Your jobs. Your candidates. Live Searches only.

What makes the lab different?

The unique Visual Learning format of the worklab is the closest you can come to actually doing the job. Classroom and webinar instruction have their place, but mastery of a topic is 5 times more effective when you're simulating the work. 

You already know this.

We’ve all been in the room when the trainer shows the perfect search that yields the perfect candidate. We go back to our desks, try to remember the exact words, and get stuck.

It's not their fault.

What are your recruiters doing wrong? Nothing. Real sourcing has dead ends. It's natural to throw your hands up. It's normal to stare at the computer for an hour and then run to fill your coffee cup in hopes of inspiration. We all do it, including the trainer who wrote that beautiful search! 


"I'm going to look at Facebook one more time to see if there's any good suggestions..."

Getting zero results is a good thing. It means that you’re testing your limits. It hurts. It’s stressful. It tends to happen when the boss is looking over your shoulder. What separates great recruiters from paper pushers is how quickly they adapt to bad searches. 


Train the way you work

Already convinced? Great. Head to the registration page. Not convinced? Then keep reading...

Most training revolves around learning a software or a method. Boolean Strings. LinkedIn Recruiter. Facebook Search. Snapchat. Github. Indeed.

What they all have in common is you are taught how the platform works. It’s up to you to figure out how to apply it to your job.

Your brain doesn’t work that way.


It's amazing you can read that. Your brain can read sentences without vowels. It can read sentences with no vowels but it can't translate a lecture about recruiting into the daily habits of your recruiters.   

How many recruiters would quit if LinkedIn disappeared? 

How many recruiters would quit if LinkedIn disappeared? 

This is true. If you are watching a trainer do a perfect search with no failure, you are simply being entertained.


Will it work?

It will. It has.

We believe that nothing will do more for your team than making this commitment.

The Sourcing Worklab is the result of 8 years of training recruiters.   

Jim Durbin developed this model because his best results have come from long-term involvement in the careers of his trainees. You can read about Jim and his team below, or you can listen to this podcast Jim recently did with William Tincup.  

Buy this program. Give it to your people. Let us help you train the next generation of incredible recruiters. 

Work must have meaning.

Jim told each of us he would rather sign an agency to a year of training then get paid for a day of training. 12 months of working with your team will make you the best in the industry. Let us prove it - every month.

Still not convinced? Then let's set up a call with Jim for you to ask questions?


It's an incredible value

Monthly billing for the worklab is just $99 a month.

$99 gets you a private registration each week to access the worklab and access to all of our products and content. Upon registration, we'll send you a welcome package on the best ways to use your membership and will follow up with a call to understand your specific needs. 

This is simply the best value of any training dollar you can spend. Consistent improvement over time allows you to measure changes in performance. And one membership can be spread out among multiple recruiters. 

$99 for 6 full hours of live training a month. That’s about $16 an hour to get recruiting trainers who charge $4000 a day for private instruction.

There are no long-term contracts. There is no premium package where the real work is done. It’s just $99 a month. 

Feeling bold? Do you like discounts? Buy the full year, and you’ll pay just $989, a savings of over $200!'s time to decide

That was the best use of money in ages! Jim Durbin is an awesome presenter! Definitely learned a lot! I was writing names down as fast as I could.
— Susan L.

Think of Jim Durbin as the recruiting industry’s Seth Godin. Nicknamed the “social media headhunter,” his core competency is working with digital natives in marketing and technology.
— David Perry, author of Executive Recruiting for Dummies and Hiring Greatness

I closed a $45,000 placement with a brand new client after learning Jim’s specific methods of sourcing and name generation. His insight has proven consistently valuable to my business and I owe him a portion of my success in retained search.
— Richard Moore, Impact Direct Search
Jim’s attentiveness and dedication as a headhunter were evident when he helped me land my first “true” job in social media. From meeting with me to understand my strengths and career goals to coaching me through the interview and following up afterward, it was clear that Jim respected the clients who hired him and the job seekers he coached.
— Laura S.

Jim has been a fantastic mentor. Early in my career, Jim trained me on the key components of sourcing and screening. Over the course of two years, as the positions I worked on grew more complex, he continued to provide me with new tools and tactics that matched my experience.
— John C.

Jim is willing to go out of his way to assist people with their job hunt. I wasn’t even a candidate that could work with Jim, but he still provided guidance several times and responded to any questions I had promptly. This conveys a lot about Jim’s character. Jim has been very helpful and I highly recommend him.
— Derek B.
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Extra Specials

The Worklab offers more than just the Monday sessions. With our community manager, you’re going to see plenty of value, far in excess of what you’re paying.

They include:

  • Free Content Downloads
  • Tool specials and checklists
  • Slack channel and email messaging to submit

Can you show me what it looks like?



Tell me what they'll learn

  • Boolean Strings 
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Search Engines
  • Technical Searches
  • URL Cracking
  • Advanced Resume Search
  • Org Charts
  • Finding Emails
  • Finding Direct Phone Numbers
  • Secrets to emails and InMails
  • Intake Meetings
  • Inner Peace
  • Chrome Extensions
  • List Management

Say hello to our team


Jim Durbin, Digital Marketing Headhunter

Lacey Denton, Host & Community Manager


Kathy Simmons, Host of Experts Connection


Marketing & PR

Dean Da Costa

Dean Da Costa,

Who is Jim Durbin?


Jim Durbin lives at the intersection of digital marketing and recruiting. He started in technical staffing in 1999. In the last decade, he's gone by the name Social Media Headhunter, where he's trained over 9,000 recruiters on digital tools. He runs a B2B marketing firm, develops startups in the AI and recruiting space, and takes as many full desk searches as he can get his hands on. Yes. He makes placements and gets paid for them. He has predicted the demise of LinkedIn in 3 years, quit Twitter in 2016, and writes regularly in industry publications and on his blog, 

Enough with the resume, let's see what his clients, candidates and peers have to say about him...


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