The BEST Recruiting FAQs You'll Ever Read

1) When is the Sourcing Worklab?
It’s every Monday at 2:00 PM EST/11:00 AM PST, and lasts for 90 minutes. On national holidays, the workload is moved to Tuesday at the same time.

2) How does it work?
Be sure to check the front page for a broader description, but the basics of the worklab is members send in searches they’re working on, and the speaker picks a five or six to demonstrate in a live webinar, as if he was your employee actually doing the work. Each week will have different kinds of searches, different tools, different technologies, and will include both basic and advanced research.

3) Will we get the lists of candidates? Will we get a recording?
That would be quite a deal if we could provide lists of candidates for $99 a month. Sign me up! We don't do that. We train your people to build their own lists.  
As for recordings - these are live searches of open jobs. Recording the sessions will restrict what people are willing to share. We also want you paying attention. Video training allows recruiters to put off training. Our model requires them to focus, because there is no backup. .   

4) Is some kind of certificate or education credits we get from signing up?
Let us just tell you straight up Jim doesn’t believe in certifications in recruiting, so he certainly won’t be giving them out. We can tell you this - if you’re diligent and attend enough sessions, you’ll be able to write your own certification test. We want you and your team to be in the top 10% of recruiters, which means you have to learn to think about recruiting in the way that the best recruiters think about their searches. You are the certification. Have you mastered sourcing? Are you better at your job? That is my criteria. 

5) If I can’t make a day, can someone else take my place?
Of course. Each subscription includes a private link for one person to register. I fully expect and support passing around your link if you can’t make it. If you’re in an office with other recruiters, you should create a system where each recruiter can attend once monthly, or each recruiter attends four concurrent sessions. It’s a great motivational tool as well - if a recruiter hits their KPI’s, they are eligible to attend the worklab that week. You can also gather around a single screen or project it into a conference room. But be warned - this is a terrible idea. If you don't believe me, test it. Have one person view a session one week, and test what they learned. Then have the whole team watch, and compare the results. Focused learning is very difficult in a group setting. 

6) Why are you doing this? Why not just keep on doing webinars?
I’ve been doing webinars since 2008. I’ve done live trainings and I’ve written training curriculum. My big takeaway was how difficult it was for recruiters to take what was on the screen and immediately apply it. There are often gaps in knowledge that range from the use of tools and extensions to simply writing good boolean searches, but there was no way to show how to overcome those gaps and still train at a high level.

The best way to do any training is hands-on learning coupled with regular practice.  The Sourcing Worklab format I've created is as close to the best training as you can get without hiring a full time trainer to sit in your cubicle every day.

7) What if I don’t want other people to know what I’m working on?
If you’re working contingency and don’t want a competitor hearing your information, we simply mask the client and the city. I also don't show the entire job description, so there's no way for someone to see the internal information. An example would be if you were looking for software salespeople in Denver, we could search for software salespeople in Seattle without giving away your client. This is also why we don’t record the session.

8) I’m a corporate recruiter/RPO recruiter. Can I sign up for this training?
Yes, you can. As the community grows, we're adding a second speaker, and at that point, will either split the communities by third party/internal, or we'll split them by training level. 

9) Can I cancel at any time?
Of course. Billing is done each month, and if you decide you can no longer participate, simply notify us prior to the first worklab of the month. If you purchased a yearly subscription, we’ll refund you the balance of your year, after calculating the monthly costs of your subscription.

10) How do I pay?
We take credit cards through Stripe, billed as a recurring invoice using a form from Moonclerk. Both are secure, encrypt data, and are well-rated payment systems. If you have a need to invoice, you can prepay on a quarterly basis. For that, we can take checks, paypal, and just because it amuses me to say it, Bitcoin and Ethereum (Give me a day to set it up if you actually want to do this). 

11) What is this about a waitlist?
The science of building an online community is relatively new, but we have learned that groups that are too big suffer in their quality. The worklab is designed to train your recruiters to peak performance. Keep in mind this is not just performing searches. Our plans are to build a one-of-a-kind membership site whose members are the best in the industry. That means that member #201 goes on a waitlist until someone else drops out.  

13) What tools are you using? Are they paying you?
Sourcing Worklab is a vendor-neutral site. We will use anything that works, and often test new tools. We do not take pay from vendors or pitch their products. We don’t give negative reviews, because if we don’t like something or don’t use ourselves, we won’t be discussing it in the worklab.

14) Do you do live training or consulting?
Each speaker has that option and we’ll be happy to set something up for you. For Jim, he'd far prefer you sign up for the lab, get enormous value, and then bring him in to meet your new and improved recruiters.  

15) Is there a bulk option for large agencies or blocks of recruiters?

We can talk about it. We're not a fan, because it ends up just being something you have, and not something your recruiters want. We think this works best at the office level, so it might make more sense to purchase a few memberships and then create your own program if you're that large. Email Jim and tell him what you're thinking.