It's an incredible value

Monthly billing for the worklab is just $99 a month.

$99 gets you a private registration each week to access the worklab and access to all of our products and content. Upon registration, we'll send you a welcome package on the best ways to use your membership and will follow up with a call to understand your specific needs. 

This is simply the best value of any training dollar you can spend. Consistent improvement over time allows you to measure changes in performance. And one membership can be spread out among multiple recruiters. 

$99 for 6 full hours of live training a month. That's just one job posting, one box lunch, or one recruiter license to always have access to training. 

There are no long-term contracts. There is no premium package where the real work is done. It’s just $99 a month. 

Feeling adventurous? Do you like discounts? Buy the full year, and you’ll pay just $989, a savings of over $200!'s time to decide